Whelping Kit #1

Whelping Kit #1

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1x 12 Pack Puppy ID Collars

1x Puppy Nail Scissors

1x feeding bottle & Teat
4x umbilical clamp
1 x F10 Veterinary Disinfectant wipes (100)
1x Waterproof Thermometer
1x Ossol Calcium Supplement with Vitamins 250ml
1 x Betadine 100ml
1 x Wombaroo Puppy Milk Replacer 215g 
1X Suction Bulb/ Aspirator
1x 50g Nutrigel 
2 x 20ml Syringes
10 x Medical Grade waterproof pads (Blueys)
25 X iVET Gauze pads (8ply) 10cmx 10cm