Wee Off - Wet Wipes

Wee Off - Wet Wipes

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Wee Off Wipes are a natural way of cleaning stains and odours. These microfiber wipes are an easy way to clean organic spills from nearly all soft and hard surfaces. The Wee Off Wipes contain ‘friendly’ bacteria that keep digesting organic matter, ‘bad’ bacteria and viruses after you have finished wiping making cleaning easier and more effective.


The Wee Off Microfiber Wipes are an eco-friendly alternative to most cleaning wipes. They can be used to clean anyorganic matter spills thorough the house and workplace such urine, blood, vomit, coffee, food and wine.


These wipes can also be used to clean and deodorise sanitary units and can be placed into the units after cleaning to act as an ongoing source of sanitisation and deodorisation for the contents of the unit.