Turmericle Golden Balm- Equitec

Turmericle Golden Balm- Equitec

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Turmericle Balm is formulated  for topical application
Equitec Turmericle Golden Balm combines two types of turmeric (curcuma longa and curcuma xanthorhiza), Wintergreen oil and Aloe Vera in a convenient paste which can be used as a topical application for skin issues and irritations.

Turmeric may also help to reduce inflammation and assist with skin irritations. 
When applied topically, Wintergreen oil may be beneficial as an antiseptic and may improve circulation and relieve joint pain. 
Aloe Vera juice may have binding and penetrating properties which supports healing while also soothing the area. 

Turmericle Golden Balm may also be beneficial in deterring flies and other insects from open wounds and skin irritations.

Ingredients: Turmeric, Wintergreen oil and Aloe Vera.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply a liberal amount to the affected area and massage into skin. For best results, apply twice daily. For topical application only.

Caution: Turmeric may leave a yellow residue on skin and can stain clothing. It is recommended to wear gloves when applying the balm and wash clothes immediately to prevent staining.