Troy Calcium Syrup

Troy Calcium Syrup

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Essential mineral which promotes remineralisation of the bone in calcium deficiency and disorders of calcium metabolism.

A dietary supplement for use as an aid in the prevention and treatment of calcium deficiency in dogs and cats.
Administration to animals with hypercalcaemia and hypercalciuria.

Directions for use-
Give twice daily, orally or mixed with food. All meat diets are not recommended unless under VETERINARY SUPERVISION.

Type of Diet Dogs, mL/ 5kg weight Cats, mL per animal
Animalac required Growing Pups Pregnant & lactating bitches Growing Kittens Pregnant & lactating bitches
1/3 meat & dry food 5-8mL 5-15mL 3mL 5mL
Dry food only 5mL 5-10mL 0.5mL-1mL 1.5-2.5m
1/3 can food & 2/3 dry food 5mL 5-10mL 1-1.5mL 2.5-3.5mL
Can food only 5-8mL 5mL 1.5-2.5mL 3-4mL

Syrup 250mL, 1L.

Calcium (as Calcium glubionate and Calcium lactobionate) 22mg/mL.

The use of dietary supplements should be discussed with a veterinarian.

Store below 30ºC (room temperature) Protect from light.