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  • Compact
  • Easy to store
  • Increased productivity of employees
  • Enhanced safety (reduced exposure to concentrates)
  • Non-electric
  • No installation required

The Hydrofoamer is the ideal cleaning tool for boarding facilities, pet care centers and vet centers.

The Hydrofoamer Hose end foamers and sprayers offer automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how solution is applied.

Ease of use enhances product performance. Application of diluted solution with the HydroFoamer hose-end proportioners is easy.

On and off functions are finger-tip controlled using a trigger on the spray nozzle.

To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to-operate quick coupler, which is designed to allow either a full-width spray or powerful jet stream when rinsing.

This range of control helps personnel put the solution only where it’s wanted. Handles on containers increase the operator’s control over application.